Same Sex Issues

Same-sex couples can face family law issues in New York

On behalf of Ron McCormack of McCormack & Phillips posted in Same-Sex Partners on Thursday, October 15, 2015.

The 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling declaring same-sex marriages to be legal throughout the country did not solve all of the family law problems faced by same-sex couples in New York. With the right to marry comes the right to divorce, and same-sex couples who end their marriages will face the same family law issues all couples must contend with, including property division, child support and child custody.

Same-sex couples may approach these legal disputes as all other couples do. They may file for divorce using one of the bases provided by the laws of New York and they may handle their custody, support, and property matters through negotiations and in family court hearings. Though their marriages may not have been recognized for as long as the marriage of some of their separate sex neighbors, same-sex partners have the same legal rights to divorce and have custody of children, and the same obligations to pay child support.

Same-sex couples also have the right to utilize the services of legal counsel when they choose to engage in litigation in the family courts. They may hire attorneys and other legal professionals to help them advocate for their rights as well as provide them with guidance on the laws of the state. For individuals in same-sex relationships who need family law support, the attorneys of McCormack & Phillips are available.

Our firm includes in its practice the representation of individuals going through divorce as well as those who must settle other family law matters after the breakdown of non-marital relationships. We represent clients in same-sex relationships and advocate for our clients based on their particular legal needs. Our firm is ready to meet with you to discuss your family law issues and to help you work toward ways of resolving your legal conflicts.

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