Areas Of Family Law Practice

Ronald A. Phillips New York Family Law Practice Handles All Aspects of Divorce, Child Advocacy, Child Custody and More

Ronald A. Phillips in Nyack, New York, a Family Law Practice, is a valuable Areas of Family Law resource for any Hudson River Valley couple or individual grappling with family law matters such as prenuptial agreements, divorce, and post-divorce enforcement or modification. Contact us by phone or e-mail to schedule a consultation regarding any of the following: High Income or Asset Divorce:


The higher your family income, the more complex your marital estate is, the earlier you need to begin planning to deal with financial aspects of divorce such as asset identification and valuation, business valuation and division of retirement accounts through QDROs. It is essential that you carefully consider tax issues involved in the way you include investment portfolios in an equitable distribution plan agreement. Clients in this category deserve the knowledgeable, dedicated marital practitioners at Ronald A. Phillips . Uncovering Hidden Assets helps to avoid making a bad agreement, which is why we take steps to ensure that all assets are accounted for.   <MORE>

Collaborative Law:

Through collaborative law methods, separating or divorcing parents have the opportunity to work together cooperatively to resolve child custody and child support questions, and the many other complex property and financial problems rather than dealing with each other as adversaries.

Domestic Partnerships/Same Sex Relationships:

Family law, strictly speaking, does not encompass the situation of heterosexual or same-sex domestic partners in New York. However, a family law attorney is a valuable resource for couples who desire help crafting cohabitation agreements, powers of attorney,parenting plans or separation agreements.

Domestic Violence/Spousal Abuse/Restraining Orders:

Whether you have suffered as a target or victim of domestic violence, or have been named in a restraining order by your wife or husband, talk to an experienced family law attorney for help as soon as possible.

Parental Alienation:

Have you been accused of alienating your children against the other parent? Or do you have evidence that the other parent is alienating the children against you? Just how does this show up in your relationship? Can you correctly identify it? can you prevent it?

Child Advocacy:

Our family law attorneys are available to give a voice to a child in a child custody dispute. Contact a well-respected New York family law attorney at the law offices of Ronald A. Phillips in Rockland County. Lawyers who have been our opponents in the past often refer potential clients to our law firm, confident in our ability to handle challenging issues.

Child Custody:

A basic tenet in divorce is that “the best interests of the child” are primary, in child custody arrangements. Discuss the particulars of your child custody matters with an attorney. Contact Ronald A. Phillips, Attorneys at Law, by phone or by e-mail through this Web site.

Parenting Plans:

We notice and care about the best interests of your children as you prepare for a New York divorce. Children do not have a “voice” in what may be “done” to them in most cases. At Ronald A. Phillips assuring the children are heard is of utmost importance. We are also familiar with what types of parenting plans New York family law judges are likely to approve.

Spousal Maintenance:

Spousal Maintenance brings up the question of Maintenance (alimony) and is generally considered as part of — or relevant to — a property division plan. For example, a spouse deserving of spousal maintenance may elect to accept certain assets instead. Unlike child support, alimony or spousal maintenance is not determined by a set formula. New York courts take into account factors which vary from case to case when a dependent spouse seeks support from a economically superior spouse in a marital separation or divorce.


A child custodial agreement or order may soon become unworkable, parental right can be altered, if the custodial parent has plans to move out of town. Talk to a family law attorney about the process of seeking a post-decree modification to take into account a required relocation.