Child Advocacy Attorneys

Advocating for Children


Typically, children are the silent ones in a divorce. The best interests of the children are supposed to guide decisions made by their parents, attorneys, judges and juries. However, while major decisions that are made in a divorce will impact them for the rest of their lives, they are not allowed to participate.

Child Advocacy Lawyers in Nyack, New York


With a child advocate, this imbalance can be corrected. In the context of a child custody dispute, it may be advisable or necessary for the child to have an advocate of his own. A lawyer can serve as a guardian for children through the course of a divorce. At Ronald A. Phillips, family law attorneys sometimes represent children in divorce and child custody proceedings.


On the other hand, when we represent mothers or fathers in collaborative law settings, we often recommend the hiring of a child specialist to advise on the child's best interests. In this way, we promote the practice of child advocacy.


Child custody proceedings are often highly emotional, since parents understand the seriousness of what is at stake. Through our years of experience in family law, we have developed a deep appreciation of the profound love that most of our clients have demonstrated for their children.


We often advise parents that an act of genuine love for the child may be the employment of a child advocate who can give their children a voice. In child advocacy, the advocate's sole job is to express the child's hopes, preferences and fears.


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