Lets face it, divorce can be stressful, painful, and sometimes just sad. Divorce is not an easy event to go through in life, especially if you have been married for many years. You hear other people talking about their experiences, but until you go through it yourself you have no idea of the impact, especially when your emotions are running high and your children and assets are involved. Ron Phillips, attorney with the Ronald Phillips Law Firm, was on my side from the very beginning. I had interviewed several other attorneys, however when I started speaking to Ron I knew I was speaking to the “right” attorney. Ron explains every step of the divorce process and makes sure you are “protected” during what may be a very difficult journey. Ron understands the necessity to do what is right for your children. Ron works hard to allow you to keep the assets you are entitled to. I would highly recommend Ron if you are ever faced with a divorce. You need someone on your side who will work in your best interest, provide you with professional guidance and keep you “in the loop” during this challenging process. Ron Phillips is the attorney you need to call…

Tim B


Mr. Phillips is very aggressive yet fair lawyer. He is a great trial lawyer and very old school. He
is a bit lax calling you back, but his staff is friendly and doesn’t nickle and dime you. He knows
the law and is an ace at family law with a lot of experience.


They are so easy to work with, direct, honest and clear. Divorce is an ugly process but they make it
as easy as possible.
Richard L.


This attorney seems like a down to earth Gentlemen. Charging me a reasonable consulting fee he
told me a law that should save me a lot of money. I will be going to court soon and I will post the
Paul A


Follow up — 8/25/2016
I went to see Mr. Ronald Phillips attorney. He was very informative direct and to the point. He told
me that I had a good case, And that I was correct in bringing a lawsuit against my ex wife. He told
me the law and he explained to me something that no other attorney pointed out. I had talked with
several other attorneys and no one gave me A shortcut to finish my case. Mr. Phillips did. I want to
give Mr. Phillips my thanks for his knowledge and his wisdom and getting directly to the point. In
my case he was a no nonsense lawyer. I am recommending this attorney very highly.
Paul A.


To whom it may concern: I can attest that during my long and bitter divorce proceedings, I initially retained other Attorneys. After I had an opportunity to evaluate the knowledge demonstrated, attention to detail, and most importantly, results I was seeing, I felt it wise to seek out an attorney who concentrated on matrimonial law; one who was better suited to successfully represent my needs. Upon making the change to law Offices of Ronald Phillips, and particularly, Mr. Phillips, I saw a higher level of skilled performance and demonstrable results which quickly assured me of not only his ability in the courtroom, but his attention to my needs outside of the courtroom as well. He is a fighter. He made sure that I did the right thing rather than what I wanted to do which ultimately helped get the results I wanted. Ron is someone who communicates well, who does not beat around the bush and also has a good rapport with the judges who oversee these type proceedings. They seemed to trust what he was telling them. Also of importance, I never felt over-billed. I never felt like I was “nickel and dimed”. Ron always was quick to reply to my questions or any of my calls. My experience with Ron was a very positive one. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing to get it right the first time when going through a divorce. Having had several attorneys prior to retaining law Offices of Ronald Phillips, I came away believing that no one will fight harder or do a better job for you.

Craig Beital


I hired Ronald Phillips after meeting him just once. He is a man of integrity who truly believes in the legal system and defies the common stereotypes often attributed to the legal profession. Once I began working with him, he was always extremely prepared and performed significantly exceeding my expectations in the courtroom. His attention to detail, integrity and inherent kindness set him apart and has helped to renew my faith in lawyers.”

Robert M.


I have used Ron Phillips as a personal lawyer for many years, and the result was always positive, So much so I recommended him to my brother for his divorce and my brother came out way on top. No better lawyer for personal matters in the Hudson Valley than Ron Phillips.

Patrick A


Ron Phillips and his firm have served my complex needs for more than eight years. Divorce and family law is difficult to go through and my circumstances are no different. What was different, however, was when I met and hired Ron Phillips. He immediately provided invaluable perspective on my situation. Importantly, he gave me advice that I still follow to this day when it comes to my own conduct. Where I thought I was doing the right thing, Ron showed me how to do it even better. He helped me in and out of court and his counsel continues to represent lessons learned that I will never forget. Ron and his staff are experienced, knowledgeable, and understand how the system works. This is extremely helpful since as a participant in a difficult process, one can be quite emotional about the facts and circumstances. Ron does a terrific job balancing empathy with reality; he always works to achieve the desired outcome and never just tells you what you want to hear. He knows the system, the law and the various participants one has to deal with. Having seen how other attorneys operate, I think one of the most important differentiators for his firm is that they simply will not waste your time and money if there is no chance of achieving your goal. They are honest, reliable and trustworthy. I am grateful for the counsel and guidance I’ve received from Ron and his partner. They have given support when appropriate, and tough advice when I needed to hear it. In my experience, they have always been smart and effective. As such, I recommend Ron Phillips and his firm without hesitation.



Ron Phillips Ethical, knowledgeable and aggressive are the first words that come to mind to describe Ron Phillips, my divorce attorney. In this day and age of divorce attorneys dragging out litigation and draining your bank account, I can say that Mr. Phillips was anything but. As· opposing counsel carried on with what I called ‘a dog and pony show’, Mr. Phillips stayed the course, gave wise counsel and I paid the ex what I originally proposed in the beginning of the proceedings. I am extremely pleased with the results. I kept my entire pension,. still have my house and my bank account is intact and doing well. After the divorce, I moved to Paris, got an apartment overlooking the Seine, down the street from Notre Dame, met a nice girl. Get the picture? To anybody who needs a divorce attorney, you would be hard pressed to find one better. The staff is also top notch. Thanks Ron or more appropriately, Merci Beaucoup.

Craig A


I was tied up in a very long divorce action due to an uncooperative spouse and do-nothing (take your money lawyers) until the team of law Offices of Ronald Phillips took my case. Ronnie Phillips worked diligently, he was focused and most importantly, had my back. That’s all I could ask for. I trusted him to do the right thing and he did. He wrapped up the divorce without any long delays. I witnessed him in action in the courthouse and l was happy and proud that he was representing me. I highly recommend this team of no nonsense, get down to business, dedicated law firm.

Carol Peneno


Divorce is an emotional fight to regain your life …. your children, your home, and your assets. Ronald Phillips is professional, competent, and extremely tough. One caveat however, . . . He will not listen to you as your therapist. He will only prepare you to win.