Family Law


Nyack Family Law Attorneys 


Through proper execution of premarital agreements, individuals and couples can be prepared for the unexpected with a clear understanding of what will happen to marital assets in the event of a divorce.


Prenuptial agreements:

'Prenups' act as “insurance” in the event of unexpected marital breakdown. Many couples find that the discussion of issues involved in a prenuptial agreement helps inform them of the financial and relationship realities of marriage. Divorce, including high-net-worth divorce involving business valuations, division of retirement accounts through QDROs, complex asset structure and discovery ofhidden assets.


Prevention of bad agreements:

 Include in-depth investments and equitable distribution negotiations. Designing parenting plans that take all key factors into account regarding child custody, child access and child support. We give advice for parents on how to increase the likelihood that they will be granted custody or ample visitation / parenting time with and decision for their children when spouses separate or divorce.


Collaborative law:

 Many clients find Collaborative Law to be the best way to put family relationships first and minimize adversarial actions in a separation or divorce. We Handle Complex Family Law Matters .


Estate Planning:

There are times when clients have concerns that fall in the realm of estate planning rather than family law. Complex issues may arise when one spouse is disabled, for example. If the need arises we may refer such people to professionals whose focus is estate or tax planning, collaborating with those professionals as is appropriate while we handle the family law aspects related to divorce, property division, planning, support and child custody.


At Ronald Phillips Law Offices, our years of experience representing thousands of clients in family law courts enables us to advise new clients on the most likely routes to favorable outcomes in family law matters.Contact a well-respected New York family law attorney at the law offices of Ronald A. Phillips in Rockland County to schedule a consultation.