Domestic Violence / Spousal Abuse /Restraining Orders

 Legal Advice and Representation In New York

Whether you are the one accused of spousal abuse or have been a victim of domestic violence/abuse, we strongly urge you to talk over your situation with a knowledgeable family law attorney as soon as possible.


Needless to say, if you fear for your safety or even fear for your life, call 911 and report the assault or threats. However, if your allegations of ongoing spousal abuse are primarily a private matter, we encourage you to discuss your situation with a lawyer before bringing police into your lives.


Once you call the police and report supposed domestic violence, it is highly probable that the police will come to your home and want to arrest someone. What was uncomfortable and intimidating may escalate into a family and legal crisis way beyond what you envisioned.


Domestic violence charges ordinarily originate as a problem between two people and end up with a spouse in jail, disrupted parent-child relationships and extensive dealings with police, criminal justice professionals and lawyers.


If you have been named in a restraining order and believe the charges are false or exaggerated, talk to an attorney for help regaining access to your home, your children and your possessions. McCormack & Phillips is available to provide that help.


Contact a well-respected New York family law attorney at the law offices of McCormack & Phillips in Rockland County. Other lawyers often refer potential clients to our Nyack law firm, confident in our ability to handle challenging issues such as spousal abuse, domestic violence, divorce, parental alienation, child custody modifications and termination of parental rights.