Same – sex marriage rules in New York

Important Same-Sex Marriage Rules in New York

New York has always been known for its openness and acceptance toward the LGBT community, highlighted as far back as 2011 when a monumental law came into effect. In 2011, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Marriage Equality Act into law, allowing same-sex couples within the state to legally marry. The city clerk of New York began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples that same year. This is especially relevant today, following a United States Supreme Court ruling that allows same – sex marriages in New York and throughout the United States.

A same-sex couple who wants to marry in New York needs to follow a few steps to become legally married. They first need to submit a Marriage License to the state clerk, typically done online. If they are unable to apply online, the same-sex couple may apply for the marriage license by visiting the city clerk's office.

Once the application is accepted, a confirmation number will be given. The same-sex couple must then bring that number back to the city clerk's office for processing. The same-sex partners need to be present in the city clerk's office in order to file the application with the state.

If the same-sex partners so desire, a marriage ceremony may be performed in celebration of the marriage. According to law, however, the same-sex couple needs to wait for 24 hours before the ceremony can be performed. But, they may apply for a judicial waiver. If granted, the ceremony may take place on the same day the application was granted.


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