Post-Divorce Modification

New York Post Decree Modification Lawyer

After a divorce is finalized, former spouses go their separate ways and start new lives apart, both practically and legally. There are times, however, when there is reason to return to court to pursue a post-divorce modification.


To discuss particulars of your divorce decree and the possibility that a post decree modification is appropriate, contact McCormack & Phillips, Attorneys at Law. in Nyack, New York, by phone or by e-mail.


Reasons to consider a post decree modification may include the following:

  • Change in income of one or both spouses when child support or spousal maintenance are in effect
  • Discovery of significant, previously undisclosed assets of one spouse or the other
  • Change in location of custodial or noncustodial parents when joint custody or custody and visitation will be affected
  • Special needs of a child
  • Inability to meet the child's needs on the income of the custodial parent alone


Divorce clients of McCormack & Phillips, Attorneys at Law, very rarely have a need for a post decree modification due to the thoroughness of our representation. Agreements that we help clients put together are detailed and solid.


However, a remarriage or a geographical relocation or an unforeseen tragedy may make it necessary to obtain a new child custody order or to grant a reduction or termination of spousal maintenance.


We Aim to Save Clients Trouble and Expense

We always advise clients of the most cost-effective, expedient way of accomplishing their family law goals. If clients want to take actions that we consider counter-productive, we advise them against it, as it may mean they will be overspending on legal fees. In many cases, the costs of pursuing a post decree modification may exceed the benefit to be gained by the petitioning party.


Clients of McCormack & Phillips, trust our knowledge and judgment in family law issues. We have handled similar cases for many previous parents and ex-spouses. Schedule a consultation regarding straightforward or complex matters (such as child custody, child support, postnuptial agreements, spousal maintenance or child support enforcement, or contempt of court) by contacting the law firm by phone or by e-mail.