Hidden Assets / Income

How to Uncover Hidden Assets/Income Before a New York Divorce


Uncovering hidden assets / income in anticipation of a divorce is not a task for amateurs. Steps involved in uncovering hidden assets may involve investigations such as the following:


  • Going back to past jobs and searching for deferred compensation, pensions and retirement accounts.
  • Evaluation of business cash flow practices. Is cash "skimming" going on, reducing supposed business valuation while keeping assets in the hands of your spouse, undetected?
  • Examination of any new romantic relationship that your spouse is now involved in. Does a girlfriend or boyfriend help hide assets?
  • Investigation of employees of a spouse's business and how they are paid. For example, are immigrant workers — perhaps illegal aliens — paid in cash, off the books of a landscaping or home remodeling business?
  • Evaluation of financial records and cash flow of a business. Are checks going to a particular person on a regular basis — and, if so, who is that person and what are the funds designated for?
  • Examination of personal bank statements. Are there excessive ATM withdrawals that don't match the person's spending habits?
  • Discovery of offshore investment accounts.
  • What has been going on the personal computer?


The more experienced and sophisticated your divorce lawyer, the more likely it is that discovery of hidden assets will be successful. Our years of experience handling New York divorces for people in all types of professions gives us knowledge and confidence that we will be successful at uncovering any hidden assets or additional income belonging to your spouse.


Contact a well-respected New York family law attorney at the law offices of McCormack & Phillips in Rockland County. Other lawyers often refer potential clients to our Nyack law firm, confident in our ability to handle challenging issues including property division when hidden assets are challenging to find.